How To Block My UBA ATM Card Using SMS, USSD Code, Mobile Apps and Internet.

Do you just lost your ATM card and looking for how to unblock my UBA ATM card online, How to block the ATM card or UBA debit card? In this article, we will explain step by step how to block my UBA ATM card that was lost or stolen in minutes.

The United Bank for Africa (UBA) is one of the largest Nigerian banks with millions of customers in Nigeria and subsidiaries in more than 20 countries, including the United States, United Kingdom, Kenya, and France.

With the excellent service they provide to their clients, you should not be surprised at the level of success they have achieved in their more than 7 decades of existence.

How To Block My UBA ATM Card?

There are several ways to block your UBA debit or credit card if you lose or misplace it. By following the steps in this guide, you should be able to block your card in a few minutes. Keep in mind that a quick lock is needed to fool anyone who wants to use your card illegally.

The options open to you regarding card blocking include the USSD option, which is the most recommended. You can also do internet banking or call UBA customer service. It doesn’t matter which method you use, as long as your card stops with it.

That said, here are the different ways to block a UBA ATM card without having to visit a bank branch. However, if you want to physically appear in a UBA office, it’s also an effective way to block your card, even if it’s not as fast as the previous methods.

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How to Block UBA ATM Card with USSD Code?

The best way to block your UBA ATM card is to use the USSD code provided by the bank specifically for this purpose. You can always use the USSD code option as long as you have access to the phone number associated with the UBA account.

If you have lost your phone and debit card, you can also lock the card by entering the USSD code from someone else’s device. However, you will have to go through a rigorous identity verification process, which makes the process considerably more demanding than blocking him from your number.

As soon as you notice that your UBA ATM card is in danger of being compromised, quickly dial code to block ATM card *919*911# to have your debit card blocked. If this is the same number you used when registering your account, all you need to do is confirm that you do intend to block your ATM card.

However, if you enter the USSD code from another device, you will have to go through a longer process. First of all, you need to enter your 10-digit NUBAN UBA account number to link your account. You will then need to verify that you are the actual owner of the account before you can proceed with the blocking.

In an emergency, you should always try the USSD option first. It’s the fastest way to block your debit card and it works from any device, with or without an internet connection. UBA will also not charge you anything to help you deactivate your account in this way.

If for some reason you can’t use the USSD code to block ATM card option, there are other ways to easily lock your UBA ATM card. Read on to see the other recommended methods in this article.

How to block UBA ATM card via SMS

You can also block your lost UBA ATM card via SMS, here is how to block UBA ATM card via SMS;

  1. Send “BLOCK” to 30012 via SMS alert.
  2. You must send the SMS from the phone number associated with the relevant bank account and you will be charged SMS fees.
  3. Your debit card and account will be blocked within 24 hours after sending this SMS.
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How to block UBA ATM cards with UBA Internet Banking – How can I block my UBA ATM card Online?

How can I block my UBA ATM card online? If you carry out most of your banking transactions via UBA Internet Banking. The internet banking platform allows you to perform most banking-related activities from any device with an internet connection. Unsurprisingly, one of the features available on the platform by default is the ATM blocking feature.

Before proceeding with this option, you must already be an active user of the online banking feature. You can’t just log into the website after you’ve lost your card for the sole purpose of blocking it – that’s not how it works.

If you are already using internet banking, here are the ways to block your UBA ATM card from the platform.

Log in with your internet banking details on the UBA internet banking platform at

Select the Self-Service option for a list of features that allow you to make changes to your UBA account, including your linked debit cards.

Find and select the option to block your card. Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the process.

The Internet banking option is only recommended if there are no other options. One scenario I can easily get out of my head is when you’ve locked in a room with your computer and a router and no phones around. Since that rarely happens, you may never have to block your UBA ATM card through the internet banking portal.

How To Block My UBA ATM Card via email:

Depending on the urgency, you can block your card by sending an email to the official UBA customer service.

At the time of writing this post, his official email address is I recommend that you confirm this on the official website before sending the email.

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NOTE: If your card has been stolen, I do not recommend this method as you may not get a response as quickly.

How To Block My UBA ATM Card by contacting LEO on Whatsapp:

Leo is my very good friend and has helped me countless times in the past. He is also there to help you if needed.

You can chat with him on; Messenger, WhatsApp, Instagram, Apple Business Chat, and Google Business Chat.

When you open your Messenger, click on the options and select Self Service.

Then select the Block card option (option H)

You will then be given instructions on what to do next.

How To Block My UBA ATM Card via your UBA mobile app:

Given the problem that arises, I would like you to have several options. The following online tutorial is about using the UBA mobile app to block your UBA ATM card;

  • Open your app
  • Click Other and select Self Service
  • Select Block card and continue with the on-screen instructions.
  • Click Block Card

So that’s how to block UBA ATM card via USSD, SMS, internet Mobile App, email and whatsapp.
How To Block My UBA ATM Card

Frequently Asked Questions – How To Block My UBA ATM Card

How can I block my UBA debit card online?

You can block your UBA debit card online via the UBA Internet Banking portal. The link to the portal is available in the previous section and will work on any device with an internet connection. However, the USSD option is much faster.

What is the code to block the UBA ATM card?

The USSD code to block a UBA ATM card is *919*911#. For simplicity, consider entering this USSD code only from the number associated with your UBA account, but otherwise, it will work fine.

Conclusion – How To Block My UBA ATM Card

When you lose your card, the first thing to consider is to prevent it from working. Otherwise, you risk losing all the kobos in your account as your card can be easily used by anyone for unauthorized transactions.

This article has already explained the two methods that you are most likely to use in any case. If both don’t seem feasible to you, you may want to consider calling the UBA customer service number.