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How To Block First Bank ATM Card – 5 Sure Ways

How To Block First Bank ATM Card

How to block First Bank ATM card? Do you lost or misplaced your ATM card from First bank? Do you want to block the card? Don’t worry, you’re on the right page.

Unauthorized withdrawal of funds from your account or loss of your FirstBank ATM card can contribute to the factors why you want to deactivate your FirstBank Nigeria ATM card.

So, in this simple article. We will guide you on how to block First Bank ATM card.

You will be interested in reading to the end of this guide to help you understand every bit of information shared about blocking your First Bank Nigeria ATM card.

Day after day, scammers are alert, ready to take advantage of opportunities.

It is therefore always advisable to handle your ATM card with care and not to display your card details in public domains.

There are instances where you can lose your ATM card.

If that happens, don’t hesitate to take steps to block the card as anyone who puts their hand on your card has a higher chance of withdrawing money from your account.

Due to errors, accidents, and disasters that will inevitably happen, FirstBank Nigeria has made provision for the essential steps one can take to protect their funds and accounts from fraudsters.

If you’re ready to learn more about how to block First Bank ATM card, let’s move on to more detailed information.

Requirements to Block FirstBank Nigeria ATM Card

The following list contains the requirements that must be made available to help create a successful ATM card blocking process:

  1. Mobile phone
  2. Active phone number (must be the number associated with your FirstBank account)
  3. FirstBank Mobile Application
  4. Active Internet Connection
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How can I block the First Bank Nigeria ATM card?

Some of the procedures that must be performed to deactivate your FirstBank ATM card are described below:

  1. ATM card blocking via SMS
  2. ATM card blocking with FirstBank mobile application
  3. Call Customer Service
  4. Visiting a nearby FirstBank Nigeria branch
  5. Social Networks and Email

How to block First Bank ATM card via SMS?

Follow the step-by-step procedure to block your debit card via SMS:

  1. Choose the option “create new SMS” on your mobile phone
  2. Make sure your SMS is sent through the phone number associated with your FirstBank Nigeria account
  3. Then on the Create New SMS screen, type “BLOCK”.
  4. Send the written message to the code 30012
  5. Your FirstBank ATM card is blocked and you cannot pay or withdraw within 24 hours

How to block First Bank ATM card using the mobile application?

Follow the procedure below to block your FirstBank Nigeria ATM card using the FirstBank mobile app:

  1. Open the FirstBank Nigeria mobile app on your smartphone
  2. Choose the “Option” button
  3. Select “Map Services” from the available list
  4. Select your card type
  5. Then click on the “Hot List Card” option
  6. Follow the command below on your mobile app to complete blocking your ATM card

How to block First Bank ATM card by contacting customer service

You can also block your First Bank ATM card by contacting customer support and accessing their services to avoid significant losses. You can pass them on;

  1. Calling: You can call First Bank customer service at +234 1 9052326 or +234 1 9052000.
  2. FirstContact: You can also contact them at 0700 FIRSTCONTACT- +234 700 34778 2668228 or +234 708 062 5000 and
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How to block First Bank ATM card by visiting a First Bank branch

Visiting the nearest bank and filling out certain forms solves the problem of completely blocking your ATM. However, this is an analogous process, which is quite strenuous and time-consuming and offers opportunities for more losses per day.

How to block First Bank ATM card Via Social Network Management:

You can also email them through your email address to tell them to block your ATM card.

  • Email: Send an email to

You can also visit their website Once you contact them, report, and request an ATM block, your request will be granted after specific questions are correctly answered.

Does FirstBank Nigeria allow customers to block their ATM card?

It is not mandatory to always go to a nearby FirstBank branch to block your ATM card, as your problem could have arisen on a non-business day of the financial institution.

Due to the circumstances surrounding the non-working days of banks, the institution has provided clients with self-care procedures that customers can perform even on non-working days of FirstBank Nigeria.

Why You Should Block Your FirstBank Nigeria ATM Card?

Below are some of the top reasons why you should block your FirstBank ATM card:

  1. Losing your debit card
  2. Noticing an unauthorized withdrawal of money from your account
  3. Show your card details in the public domain

Who is eligible to block their FirstBank Nigeria ATM card?

FirstBank Nigeria has made ATM card blocking available to all of its customers. As long as you can provide the necessary details proving that you are the rightful owner of the card, you are eligible to block your FirstBank ATM card anytime, anywhere.

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That’s the information we can share on how to block your FirstBank Nigeria ATM card.

What happens after you have blocked your ATM card?

Once your First Bank ATM card has been blocked, it will no longer be useful or accessible in any way. Therefore, it would no longer respond to or give you access to money through ATMs, POS, or making online payments. So if your card details fall into the hands of scammers or someone finds the card, it wouldn’t be helpful.

Therefore, go to the nearest First Bank point of sale, fill out certain forms and your account will be reactivated to charge a new ATM card on which your bank details will be activated.

What should I do if blocking is not possible?

Blocking your ATM is not complicated, but in cases where the ATM card cannot be secured due to network-specific issues or more, certain precautions must be taken.

Transferring your money to another account is one of those precautions taken when the blocking processes don’t work or in cases where the process is not trusted.

Also, transfer the money to another bank. The account reassures you that you will not be afraid of losing money to scammers or scammers.

Conclusion – how to block First Bank ATM card

Lost and stolen ATM cards are almost daily occurrences. It gives rise to fraudulent activities and scams, leading to the loss of money.

First bank customers would find the how to block First Bank ATM card procedures in this article helpful. It will inform them in advance or even help those who are currently struggling with ATM loss cases.