How Long Does A Visa Debit Card Refund Take?


How Long Does A Visa Debit Card Refund Take: Whether you’re trying to return a gift you received or something you bought yourself, the process has never been easier or shorter. If you’ve ever had to issue a refund, you know how long it will take, but probably not. That’s why you’re wondering how long does a visa debit card refund take.

For those wondering, we’ll cover the process that takes place after you request a refund and how long it takes.


It is important to note that the type of dispute and the bank/merchant involved directly affects the time it takes to refund a Visa debit card, so it may vary. Read on for more necessary information.

How Long Does A Visa Debit Card Refund Take?

A Visa debit card refund typically takes 7-10 business days. As mentioned above, the time frame varies depending on the bank/merchant and the type of dispute.

In the best case, the refund will be processed within 3-5 business days, but in the worst case, it will take more than 10 business days. This is because the request has to go through multiple channels and some confirmations/authorizations have to be made before the refund can be processed.

If it is a simple case and you have luck on your side, then the refund should be made within a maximum of 3 days. In fraud cases, however, the procedure is often longer. The concerned merchant or banks must confirm receipt of the payment made and the reason why you are requesting the refund before the refund is processed.

In the event of fraud, i.e. a case where your card should not have been charged or where you have not made a purchase, confirmation that your card has been charged without your consent will take some time, as will confirmation of receipt and refund of money.


Sometimes such cases also require an investigation which, if you were not already aware of it, would take even more working days.

How Long Does The Online Refund Take?

Online refunds can take anywhere from a few hours to 10 days or more. This depends on the payment method, the merchant, the bank, and the type of dispute.

As mentioned above, an in-person refund is instant, while online refunds take longer, some banks process refunds faster than others, and merchants’ refund policies differ. If you paid by bank transfer, the refund may take only a few hours or up to 3 days.

If you paid by credit or debit card, the refund may take 3-10 days or more. Simple cases where the customer and the merchant agree on the refund take shorter periods, about 3-7 days. But in case of no agreement, more complicated dispute or fraud, it will take about 10 days or more for the refund. It can even take months.

How long does PayPal to debit card refund take?

PayPal refunds typically take 2-5 business days, and in rare cases up to 30 days, to appear on your debit card.

All refunds go back to your funding source. If you paid with a card, it will go back to your card, just like paying with money in your bank account.

If you paid with your debit card, the amount will be refunded to your debit card. However, if the money cannot be returned to your debit card, the money will be returned to your PayPal balance.

Most of the delay is on the payment method side, not PayPal, and PayPal usually can’t speed it up.

How long does it take for Payoneer to refund my debit card?

Payoneer’s refund time is 2-5 business days. The amount will be refunded to the original account, so if you used a debit card, it will be refunded to that debit card. You can speed up the time by contacting the merchant directly, especially when it comes to unauthorized payments.

As one of the world’s largest payment processors, Payoneer takes security very seriously. Even with unauthorized transactions, they can usually refund you within a week. Get started with Payoneer and get a $25 bonus from this link.

How long does an Amazon refund on a debit card take?

Amazon refunds typically take up to 10 business days for a debit card, and some prepaid cards can take up to 30 days. The reason for this is the way Amazon refunds purchases and the way refunds work on Amazon and in general. For example, Amazon sometimes doesn’t process your refund until you’ve received your item.

How long does it take for Walmart to refund the debit card?

Walmart refund normally takes 5-10 business days. A refund will be issued to your debit card. If the money cannot be returned to your debit card, the amount will be refunded to a Walmart store card or gift card. The money can also be returned in cash.

How long does it take for Best Buy to be refunded the debit card?

Best Buy debit card refunds can take up to 10 business days. If you purchased the item from Best Buy, you can return it for a refund, the same way you paid for it. You can return and exchange almost anything for a full refund within 15 days, and these returns take approximately 10 business days to process.

How long does it take for Apple to refund the debit card?

If you’ve bought something from the Apple Online Store with your debit card, it takes 5-7 days to get a refund from Apple, sometimes longer. It usually takes about 2 business days for Apple to process the refund and up to 3 business days for the bank to credit your account.

If you get a refund on your Apple Card, it can take 2-5 days to get your money back, but sometimes as much as 12 hours, depending on the seller.

How long it takes for the money to appear in your account depends on the payment method you used. If you have an Apple ID, you can check your claim status for Apple purchases by going to Check Claim Status.

How long does it take for Bank of America to refund the debit card?

Bank of America refund time is typically 2-5 days, up to 10 days. Bank of America gives you 60 days to dispute a transaction and request a chargeback.

You can call Bank of America and they will give you an estimate, or even dispute the deduction and give you the money. Please note that estimates may vary slightly.

For disputes about debit card fraud, the bank has ten days from the moment you report the problem to complete the investigation. If they are unable to do so, they must provide a provisional credit on the account while continuing the investigation. Most banks will provide a preliminary credit within a day or two after the transaction is completed on the account.

How long will it take for Lowes to refund my debit card?

Lowe’s Rebates Debit card refunds typically take 7-10 days and up to 15 days. You can get a cash refund right away, or you can have your debit card credited and wait for the refund transaction to complete.

If you purchased with a gift card, you must return to the store for a refund or refund of a gift card. If you’ve used a Lowe credit card, any refund made to the in-store account will be posted immediately, meaning there’s no waiting time.

How long does it take for the Target refund to appear on the debit card?

If you used a Target RedCard, the refund will take 1-2 days. If you used a third-party debit card, it will take 3-5 days to get a refund from Target.

If you want, you can get money back from Target. You will also get cashback if your debit card has been canceled in the meantime.

If you have used one of the gift cards (American Express, Visa, or Mastercard), a refund will be issued to those cards within 5-10 days.

How long does it take for eBay to refund the debit card?

It takes 3-7 business days for the eBay refund to appear on your debit card, but it usually depends on your bank. This also applies to credit cards.

Your original payment method will be refunded. If you bought something and didn’t receive an item, the seller’s money may be held by eBay or PayPal. If the seller is responsible for providing the refund, eBay will refund the buyer on behalf of the seller.

How long does it take for JCPenney to refund the debit card?

It usually takes 7-10 days for your refund to appear on your JCPenney debit card.

Refunds will be made to your debit card and JCPenney refunds will generally be refunded to the original payment method or JCPenney Gift Card.

JCPenney accepts most returns at any of its JCPenney stores within 90 days, with a receipt. Even if you don’t have a receipt, you may still be able to refund. To make a refund online, log into your account and initiate a return process by clicking “Start a Return”. After you have started a return, you have to wait for the return to be processed and you will receive your money back.

How long does it take for the TD Bank refund to appear on the debit card?

It can take up to 15 business days for a company to issue a refund, so TD will initiate the investigation after that time has passed.

You have 30 days to file a dispute from the date you receive notification of the transaction for the TD Access Card, which is a debit card. You can read more about disputing a transaction at TD Bank.

How long does it take for the HSBC refund to appear on the debit card?

HSBC debit card refunds typically take 3-5 business days. You can dispute a transaction by calling the phone number on the back of your card. For all other debit cards and questions, see the HSBC Mastercard Debit Card FAQ.

How long does it take to get a Chase refund on the debit card?

Chase refunds take 1-3 days, although it can take longer depending on your card issuer and merchant. A more realistic time frame is about 7 days.

You can process refunds by logging into your account and following the instructions to issue the refund.

How long does the Autozone debit card refund take?

If you paid by card or cash, you will get the part back immediately when you return the part, provided you have the receipt. If you do not have a voucher, you can pick it up on-site as a gift voucher.

Autozone credit card refunds take a little longer, usually 2-5 business days.

How long does it take for the refund from Santander to the debit card?

Debit card refunds for Santander take up to 4-5 business days. As always, it is best to contact the trader to speed up the process.

Why does it take so long to get a refund on a debit card?

Everyone can understand that receiving money is much better than having to pay it back. So of course, sellers aren’t as eager to process refunds as they are to make a sale. This is one of the few things that causes a delay in requesting a refund.

Another thing that causes delays when trying to get a refund on a debit card is the channels the request goes through before it is finally processed.

When a transaction is made with your debit card, it becomes a pending transaction and your bank receives a temporary authorization. Most people think that traders get paid instantly, but that is not the case. The trade remains pending for approximately one to three days before settling with the trader.

After that, the merchant will confirm your refund request before submitting it to the bank. The bank will then start processing it before it is credited back to your account. Not only is the process lengthy, but it can also have various technical issues that cause delays, especially if fraud is detected.

What happens if money is returned to a debit card?

It usually takes a few days for transactions to complete, both when purchasing and receiving a refund.

A refund is simply a reversed purchase process.

When you request a refund, the banks talk to each other to make sure the money is there. The customer’s bank then settles the transaction, which takes up to 72 hours. The money is withdrawn, your purchase authorization is canceled and the money is debited from the merchant’s bank account. And finally, your bank needs to update your account to show that the money has been received, which can take up to 24 hours.

What happens if you get a refund but your card is canceled?

If you still have the bank account associated with the debit card, there should be no problem. This can happen, for example, if an ATM takes your card. Usually, you can still receive the refund on the linked bank account. However, if your bank account is also closed, that could be a problem.

What happens if you get a refund but your bank account is canceled?

However, if the bank account linked to your debit account is also closed, the payment will be bounced and can be returned to the seller. To get a refund, you need to contact them and ask them to refund you to your new bank account.

You should check with your card issuer for their closed account refund policies.

For certain financial services, your refund may go to your account on that financial service’s website, such as PayPal. Or to get a refund, such as a case with Walmart, Target, or Lowe’s.

Conclusion – How Long Does A Visa Debit Card Refund Take

It’s a bittersweet moment when you realize your refund may not be processed anytime soon, but at least you don’t stop wondering. Whatever the reason, refunds are an important and necessary part of shopping and you should ensure that you can get your money back if the recipient of the product purchased is not happy with it.

However, if you are paying by debit card, you should be aware that processing such refunds can take a long time, i.e. up to 10 business days.

If it takes longer than the 10 business days listed above, consider calling your bank or financial institution for more information and assistance.