What is a Subway Gold Card – How to Get a subway black card and Subway Gold Card?

What is a Subway Gold Card – How to Get a subway black card and Subway Gold Card? Over the years, Subway has been known for its popular Submarine sandwiches, popularly known as “Subs”, with other fast foods including wraps, salads, and drinks. The American multinational fast food restaurant franchise offers excellent customer service and rewards, which led to the creation of its Black and Gold rewards cards. The restaurant service also has other rewards programs, but most people are more interested in the Gold and Black Subway cards, how to get them, and what owning these cards offers.

Subway Black Cards are awarded to famous influencers who can influence the business, while Subway Gold Card is similar to a gift card that can reward you and transfer money to you. Both cards require you to have an influential background before you can get them.

Other benefits come with owning these cards. In this article, I explain everything you need to know about the cards, how to get them and what rewards cardholders can get.

What is a Subway Gold Card?

The Subway Gold Card is a rare rewards card issued by Subway to reward its rarest and most influential customers. Although the brand has not shared enough information about the card, they say it is easier to get the Subway Gold Card than the Black Card.

The card rewards influencers and customers who may be able to influence other customers to patronize the restaurant. The card can also be pre-loaded with cash, meaning that in addition to being a rewards card, it can also be loaded to hold your cash to spend at any of the restaurant’s locations around the world.

What is a Subway Gold Card Do?

The simplest explanation for what the Subway Gold Card does is that the card is used for restaurant purchases. Specifically, the card can be preloaded with cash to purchase snacks and other types of food at the restaurant.

During the issue, it comes with a $100 pre-loaded amount and can be spent at any Subway branch of your choice to pay for it worldwide. According to Subway, this only rewards people who make a positive impact on the company. Therefore, not all people can obtain this card.

The Subway Gold Card is used to buy any type of fast food you want from any restaurant located around the world.

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What is a Subway black card?

If you’ve ever seen ads or videos of the fancy Subway Black Cards, then you must have been curious about what the card is, its uses, and how to get one in your wallet. First of all, you should know that the only people who can use this card are those who are quite famous and attract a lot of business and new customers. With the Subway Black Card, holders can get free subs (submarine sandwiches) for life.

This Subway loyalty card is linked to former Subway spokesman Jared Fogle. He is one of the first to receive the prestigious honor of carrying this card. The card is an ultra-exclusive card that entitles cardholders to free $5-foot sub sandwiches for life.

After the end of his relationship with Subway, people speculated that he could still use his elite Black Card to eat for free when he stops at a Subway branch for a quick snack. The Black Card was also awarded to Jarvis Jones of the Georgia Bulldogs, and later the Pittsburgh Steelers in 2013.

The Subway Black Card was inspired by and coined the term “Subway Black” from the reference to the American Express Black Card. Similarly, the Amex card is only for the most serious consumers, so the Subway Black Card is only for highly influential people who positively influence the company and make people patronize the brand.

While the Amex Black Card requires you to pay your bill at the end of the month, the Subway Black Card is more of a loyalty card that gives holders a certain loyalty reward for as long as they have the card.

What is a subway Black Card do?

The Black Card is known to grant its holders free Subway subscriptions in perpetuity. Therefore, as long as the cardholder has the card, the cardholder is entitled to enter any Subway restaurant worldwide and order a Subway Sub without paying a dime. While this card is only given to a few people, other rewards that come with using this card include heavily discounted prices on all other Subway products.

In short, with this card, you are entitled to an ounce of Subway and you can walk into the restaurant at any time for a quick lunch or breakfast.

Who is eligible for a Subway Black card?

There is speculation as to how you come into possession of one of these discount cards. Some people report being able to buy one for between $750 and $1,000 per card. However, it seems that this cannot be true.

Most Subway Black Cards are awarded to those who have brought significant publicity and media attention to the brand. In other words, you would have to be some famous influencer to create a mutually beneficial relationship between you and Subway.

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These exclusive cards are awarded to those who bring important business to the company. Subway is very selective about who these cards are issued, so you’re unlikely to get one.

How to get a Subway Gold card?

While the Subway Gold Card is easier to get than the Black Card, you also need to have an influential background. If you’ve ever influenced the brand in any way, you can apply for the card through the website.

An application process will be initiated and your application will go through a few consultations to confirm whether you deserve the Gold Card. While the Gold Card is more of a rewards card, and also a spending card, it means that it allows you to preload your card with money to use at any location of the franchised restaurants. Once the card is issued to you, it is preloaded by subway for $100.

The Gold Card can only be used at a Subway restaurant, so when you start loading your card with cash, the card can only be used at a Subway restaurant. The card does not come with the awesome discount feature as the company has already preloaded the card for $100.

So if you fall into the above category, you can apply for the Gold Card and very soon the Gold Card will be sent to you.

How to Get a Subway black card?

While there are some rumors and speculation about how to get one of the Subway Black Cards, these rumors don’t seem to be true. One of the rumors suggests you can buy a Black Card for around $750 to $1,000 per card, but the franchise denies this rumor as there’s no official statement to back it up.

Subway Black Cards are awarded to people who receive a lot of publicity and media attention for the brand. So you would have to be some famous influencer to create a mutually beneficial relationship between you and Subway.

Black cards are also awarded to individuals whose businesses are beneficial to Subway’s operation.

Subway is very selective in the type of people they issue these cards to, so chances are you won’t get this card if you don’t fall into the above category.

If you fall into the above category, to reward you for generating significant sales for the business, Subway will contact you and issue you with a Subway Black Card. The card will be sent to you within a few days, after which you can use the loyalty card whenever you want.

How to use the Subway gold card?

Subway Gold & Black Card: everything you need to know about it

Using the Subway Gold card is very similar to how you would use a normal credit card for payment in a shop, restaurant, etc. After placing an order and purchasing your takeaway meal at the restaurant in question, you must present the card to get a cash machine. After the swipe, the price of your takeaway will be deducted from the card balance.

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You can repeat this process at any of the Subway restaurants around the world as long as you have the Subway Gold Card and some cash on it.

How do you use the black Subway card?

The steps to use this card are similar to those for the Gold Card. Like the Gold Card, you must use the card at a Subway restaurant. Simply walk into a Subway restaurant of your choice and show attendees your card. They will instruct you on the steps to follow if there are other things they need from you.

Subway Gold Card Benefit

The benefit of the Subway Gold card benefits is that it comes with a $100 prepaid amount that can be used at any Subway store worldwide at the time of purchase.

With a Subway restaurant card, you can have any type of fast food.

Subway Black Card Benefit

The advantage of the Subway Black Card is that the Black Card gives its holders lifetime access to unlimited Subway subscriptions.

As a result, as long as the cardholder owns the card, the cardholder can get a free Subway Sub at any Subway location in the world.

Subway Gold Card vs Black Card: 5 Differences.

Although it seems that the Gold and Black Cards have certain similarities, they are very different from each other. These are the differences between the Subway Gold Card and the Subway Black Card:

S/NSubway Gold CardSubway Black Card
1.It’s easier to get compared to the Black Card.It’s very difficult to acquire.
2.It’s preloaded with $100 by Subway.It’s not preloaded with any cash.
3.Holders do not get free subs. Instead, they pay for the subs with the loaded cash on the card.Holders get free subs.
4.The holder’s business doesn’t necessarily have to benefit Subway.The holder’s business has to benefit Subway.
5.It is a reward card.It is a loyalty card.

Subway rewards program

Even if you don’t qualify for your Elite card, you can still earn rewards through your app. You get a reward of $2 for every 200 tokens. In general, every $1 you spend on eligible products earns you four tokens. Those tokens will be awarded to your account within the next 24 hours.

There are some exceptions to this reward system, including:

  • Alcoholic beverages
  • Taxes
  • Tips
  • Donations
  • Postage costs
  • Pour into bottle and jug
  • Baggage costs

During certain promotions, you can earn bonus tokens by purchasing specific items.

Is the Subway Gold Card worth it?

The Subway Gold Card is worth it if the person is a Subway fan and frequents Subway restaurants. But not accessible to everyone.

Is Subway Black Card worth it?

Subway Black Card is worth it if the person likes to eat Subs. Since it offers unlimited free plans, there is no point if the person doesn’t like plans.

Get your hands on a card

Unfortunately, unless you’re rich and famous, it doesn’t seem likely you’ll be able to get your hands on a Subway Black card. If you fall into this category and can promote the brand, you could be next to join the exclusive cardholder club.


That the card is not accessible to everyone is a bit frustrating. It is very unlikely that you will be eligible to have your name placed on the cardholder list if you do not fit into any of the designated categories. However, the Subway Rewards program can offer you benefits and discounts.