How to Get an Argentina Credit Card: A Guide for Foreigners (It’s Not That Easy)

Planning a trip to Argentina? Fantastic! From the vibrant tango scene in Buenos Aires to the breathtaking glaciers of Patagonia, Argentina offers something for every traveler. But when it comes to managing your finances during your visit, you might encounter a hurdle: obtaining an Argentina credit card.

Getting a traditional Argentina credit card as a foreigner is a challenging feat. Unlike many other countries, Argentinian banks typically require residents with a local Documento Nacional de Identidad (DNI) and a steady income history in Argentina to qualify for a credit card. So, what are your options? Don’t worry, this guide will explore alternative solutions to help you navigate your Argentinean adventure.

Why is it Difficult for Foreigners to Get Argentina Credit Cards?

There are a few key reasons why securing an Argentina credit card as a foreigner might prove difficult:

  • Residency Requirements: As mentioned earlier, most Argentinian banks prioritize residents with a valid DNI when issuing credit cards. This national ID serves as proof of identity and residency, a vital factor in assessing creditworthiness.
  • Credit History: Banks rely on your credit history in Argentina to determine your creditworthiness. Since you likely lack a local credit history, it can be challenging to convince a bank to take a chance on you.
  • Income Verification: Verifying your income stream can be another hurdle. Banks often look for proof of income within Argentina to ensure your ability to repay the credit line.
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So, how to get an Argentina credit card if you don’t meet these criteria?

While obtaining a traditional credit card might be a stretch, fret not! There are several alternative solutions to consider:

Alternative Solutions for Managing Your Finances in Argentina

1. Prepaid Travel Cards:

Prepaid travel cards are a convenient and secure option for managing your finances in Argentina. These cards are essentially reloadable debit cards that you can pre-load with Argentine Pesos (ARS) before your trip. You can use them for online purchases and at ATMs throughout Argentina that display the Mastercard or Visa logo (depending on the card you choose).

Here’s how prepaid travel cards work:

  • Sign up for a service: Several reputable companies like Wise or Revolut offer prepaid travel cards. Choose a provider with competitive fees and a user-friendly interface.
  • Load your card with ARS: Once you’ve chosen your provider, you can easily load your card with Argentine Pesos using your debit or credit card from your home country.
  • Spend and manage your funds:¬†Use your card for purchases at merchants that accept Mastercard or Visa, and withdraw cash from ATMs displaying those logos. Keep track of your balance and reload as needed through your provider’s app or website.

Benefits of Prepaid Travel Cards:

  • Convenience:¬†Prepaid travel cards are widely accepted in Argentina and offer a safe and secure way to manage your finances.
  • Budget Control: By pre-loading a specific amount, you can stick to your budget and avoid overspending.
  • No credit check required: Prepaid cards don’t involve a credit check, making them a viable option for everyone, regardless of credit history.

Things to Consider with Prepaid Travel Cards:

  • Fees: Be mindful of potential fees associated with loading your card, making ATM withdrawals, or foreign currency exchange rates. Compare different providers to find the most cost-effective option.
  • Exchange Rates: Currency exchange rates can fluctuate. Consider locking into a favorable rate when you load your card with ARS.
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2. Debit Cards with International Transaction Fees:

You can also use your existing debit card from your home country in Argentina. However, keep in mind that international transaction fees and potentially unfavorable exchange rates might apply.

Here’s what to expect when using your debit card in Argentina:

  • International transaction fees: Your bank might charge you a fee for each transaction you make in Argentina.
  • Foreign currency exchange rates: The exchange rate applied by your bank might not be the most favorable.
  • ATM withdrawal fees: In addition to international transaction fees, some ATMs in Argentina may also charge withdrawal fees.

Before traveling to Argentina, contact your bank to inquire about:

  • International transaction fees: The specific fees associated with using your debit card in Argentina.
  • Daily withdrawal limits: Any limitations on the amount you can withdraw from ATMs per day.
  • Foreign currency exchange rates: The exchange rate your bank applies to transactions in Argentina.

3. Traveler’s Cheques (Though Less Common):

While less popular than prepaid travel cards, traveler’s cheques can still be an option for managing your finances in Argentina. Traveler’s cheques are pre-printed, fixed-amount cheques that are widely accepted at banks, currency exchange offices, and some hotels and businesses in Argentina. They offer a secure way to carry funds and can be replaced if lost or stolen, providing peace of mind during your travels.

Here’s how traveler’s cheques work:

  • Purchase traveler’s cheques: You can buy traveler’s cheques in your home country before your trip. They are available in various currencies, including US Dollars (USD), Euros (EUR), and British Pounds (GBP).
  • Sign the cheques upon purchase: To activate them, sign each cheque in the designated area as soon as you receive them.
  • Use them like cash: When making a purchase or exchanging for Argentine Pesos, sign the cheque in front of the recipient and provide identification if requested.
  • Keep track of serial numbers: Record the serial numbers of your traveler’s cheques separately from the cheques themselves. This information is essential for replacement if they are lost or stolen.
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Benefits of Traveler’s Cheques:

  • Security: Traveler’s cheques are replaceable if lost or stolen, providing a level of security that cash does not.
  • Wide acceptance: While not as common as prepaid cards or debit cards, traveler’s cheques are still accepted at many locations in Argentina.
  • No credit check required: Like prepaid travel cards, traveler’s cheques do not involve a credit check, making them accessible to everyone.

Things to Consider with Traveler’s Cheques:

  • Acceptance: While traveler’s cheques are generally accepted at banks and currency exchange offices, not all businesses in Argentina may accept them. It’s advisable to have alternative payment methods on hand.
  • Fees: Some issuers may charge a fee when purchasing traveler’s cheques. Additionally, there may be fees associated with replacing lost or stolen cheques.
  • Exchange Rates: When exchanging traveler’s cheques for Argentine Pesos, be mindful of the exchange rate and any associated fees.


Navigating the financial landscape in Argentina as a foreigner can be challenging, especially when it comes to obtaining a credit card. However, alternative solutions such as prepaid travel cards, using your existing debit card, or traveler’s cheques can help you manage your finances effectively during your Argentinean adventure.

Before traveling, research your options, compare fees and exchange rates, and notify your bank of your travel plans to avoid any issues with card usage abroad. With careful planning and consideration, you can enjoy all that Argentina has to offer without worrying about your finances.

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