How to Get Capital One Virtual Card Number?

How to get Capital One Virtual Card Number? Has your credit card information ever been stolen? EMV chips can protect you with face-to-face transactions, but they cannot protect you with online or phone purchases. Replacing a compromised credit card can be difficult and stressful, especially when you know your entire balance could be at risk. While you can freeze your balance at any time after that, there’s something you can do now to prevent identity theft.

Enter virtual credit cards. These are temporary, single-use digital credit cards designed for online or phone purchases. When you use a virtual card to make a purchase, the payee can only access and store information on that temporary card, not your actual credit card account number. This protects your account in the event of a data breach and adds a layer of security to your online transactions.

Most card issuers do not offer the ability to generate virtual account numbers or virtual credit cards directly from your account, although some do. But apps and browser extensions like Click To Pay, MasterCard’s Masterpass, American Express Go, and Capital One Eno all offer virtual card options for safer purchases with many major credit cards.

Capital One Eno

Capital One Eno is Capital One’s virtual credit card service available to all Capital One credit card holders. To use Capital One Eno, the name of the company’s virtual assistant, you need to log into your Capital One account and install the Eno extension on your web browser. Eno is compatible with Edge, Chrome, and Firefox. After installation, the wizard will automatically appear at checkout and offer to create a virtual card for you.

If you prefer not to install Eno on your web browser, you can generate virtual cards via the Capital One mobile app or the Capital One website, which you can then use by copying the card information and using it at checkout. You cannot use Eno or a Capital One virtual card at in-person dealers – online dealers only. But the Eno extension makes using virtual cards as easy and convenient as possible, especially since Eno keeps track of the virtual cards used by certain online merchants.

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How To Get Capital One Virtual Card Number?

A Capital One Virtual Card number is linked to a credit card account. And for most virtual card numbers, a tool is also required, e.g. a browser extension, an app, or a downloadable program.

Once set up, you can usually shop online. When it’s time to check out, the tool will generate virtual card numbers for you. The tool can also store and retrieve virtual card numbers for the next purchase.

How to get Capital One Virtual Card Number – Step by step?

Capital One virtual card numbers are possible thanks to Eno, your assistant from Capital One. With Eno, you can shop online without telling merchants your actual card number. And everything is fully integrated with your existing Capital One credit card account.

  • Log in to your online Capital One account.
  • Visit the page for Capital One Eno, Capital One’s virtual card program.
  • Download the Capital One browser extension. Follow the instructions to create a virtual card number.
  • Accept the 16-digit virtual card number generated for you. Also, note the expiry date and the generated security code.
  • Shop at eligible online retailers with your Capital One virtual card. Capital One Eno works with almost all online retailers.

Capital One’s virtual credit card information is linked to your credit card but is not identical to your actual card number. This way, hackers who get hold of the merchant’s details cannot see your real card details. In other words, virtual credit card numbers help prevent fraud by adding an extra layer of protection to your credit card purchases.

However, note that not all cards issued by Capital One have access to Capital One Eno. Be sure to read your card’s benefits guide to see if it’s eligible. If your card is not eligible, you can use Click to Pay to get a virtual card number. Click to Pay works with credit cards in all four major card networks.

How to use Capital One Virtual Card

To use virtual card numbers, first, add the Eno browser extension. Once you’ve registered your Capital One credit card, Eno will generate a virtual card number for you when it’s time to check out. All you have to do is enter the shipping and billing information. And Eno automatically saves virtual card numbers for each merchant so they can be reused.

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The fees appear as usual online in your transactions and on your monthly statements. And you can manage all your virtual card numbers from one online dashboard. This makes it easy to keep track of where your virtual card numbers are being used and stored.

With fewer security risks, faster checkout, and easier monitoring, Eno makes online shopping with virtual cards an experience you’ll love.

To get a Capital One Virtual Card number, sign up for a Capital One account and sign up for Capital One Eno. Once Capital One generates a virtual card number, you can make online purchases with increased protection against credit card fraud.

How do Capital One Virtual Card numbers work?

You can use a virtual credit card number just like your real credit card: simply shop online, start the ordering process and shop with a virtual card number.

Capital One Virtual Card numbers usually work with any online merchant that accepts credit card payments. So if you can buy it online with your real credit card, you can probably buy it online with a virtual card number.

What are the benefits of Capital One Virtual Card numbers?

Simply put, virtual card numbers can make online shopping easier and safer.

They add an extra layer of protection to your credit card account in case a website storing your credit card number is ever compromised. And they can give you extra confidence when you buy a site you haven’t used before. So you know your actual card number is protected in case something happens.

And instead of entering your actual card number every time you check out, you can use virtual card numbers to automatically enter payment information to save time.

Are there disadvantages to Capital One Virtual Card numbers?

While virtual cards are great in most situations, they do have some limitations.

Capital One Virtual Card numbers may not be ideal for online purchases that you plan to collect in person. If you need to swipe or show your card to verify your identity, your actual card number will not match the virtual number. This can apply to call tickets, hotel reservations, and pickup orders. In-store returns can have similar issues. If any of these apply to your purchase, it may be helpful to contact the company before making your purchase.

And since they are often part of a browser extension, virtual card numbers may require a desktop computer or laptop to work properly. This means virtual card numbers may not work on mobile devices.

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What is the difference between virtual card numbers and digital wallets?

Digital wallets are different from virtual card numbers and are exactly what they sound like: they are digital versions of your physical wallet. You can store things like credit cards, loyalty cards, and even event tickets.

Digital wallets can be accessed from various devices such as a smartphone, smartwatches, computers, or tablets. And because they’re digital, they can help you avoid carrying around a bunch of physical cards. This can make payments quick and easy.

And they don’t just make paying more convenient. Like virtual card numbers, digital wallets can help keep your payment information more secure.

That’s because when you check out with a digital wallet, your card is assigned a unique 16-digit number or token. A token is more secure than your actual credit card number because your card number is not seen by the merchant. And this token can only be used with a unique, encrypted code that is applied to every transaction.

Virtual card numbers and online security

Not only are they useful, but virtual card numbers are also a way to protect against credit card fraud. And they can also help limit how much information scammers can access if your information is stolen in a phishing scam or data breach. But virtual card numbers can’t do everything. So always be careful when sharing your personal information online and consider these ways to avoid scams.

If easier and safer online shopping is a must for you, then virtual card numbers might be worth a closer look. If you’re a Capital One card customer, you can add the Eno browser extension and start using virtual card numbers today.

How are Capital One Virtual Card numbers different from regular credit cards?

Think of Capital One Virtual Card numbers as a substitute for your actual credit card number. The virtual numbers are still linked to your credit card account, but you can use a different number to enter payment information when shopping online.

This means your real credit card is never shared with the websites you shop on, adding an extra layer of security.

Some credit card companies give you a unique virtual card number for each website you shop on. And these virtual card numbers cannot be used anywhere else. So if a trading site is compromised, your Capital One Virtual Card number cannot be used for other purchases. Nor can your virtual card number be used to access your account information on your card issuer’s app or website.