How To Cancel Identityiq Online?

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How to cancel identityiq online? Not using your IdentityIQ account as much as you used to? Tired of paying for your IdentityIQ membership? We’ve rounded up the quickest and easiest ways for you to cancel your subscription with the Identity Theft Protection Company.

Your IdentityIQ membership allows you to better protect yourself and your loved ones. Besides protecting your identity and your digital life, you can also add your family members to the protection plan.

Follow these 3 easy steps to cancel your IdentityIQ subscription:

  1. Call 1-877-875-4347 to contact the customer service team.
  2. Verify your identity over the phone.
  3. Ask the customer service representative to cancel your subscription.

The hotline is your one-stop shop for all the information you need to delete your IdentityIQ account, opt out, or cancel a free trial.

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How To Cancel Identityiq Online Manually?

You can terminate IdentityIQ yourself in two ways:

  1. By contacting customer service
  2. On the website

How to Cancel IdentityIQ Online through the Website?

If you are familiar with online work, you can opt for this method.

The steps to cancel IdentityIQ membership are as follows:

  1. Visit the IdentityIQ website: First, visit the official IdentityIQ website on your device using your preferred internet browser.
  2. Enter the Required Credentials: Then you will need to enter the credentials such as “Username” and “Password” to log into the IdentityIQ account.
  3. Click the Login tab: Then click the Login tab.
  4. Navigate to the Manage Account Section: You should now go directly to the Manage Account section to make the necessary changes.
  5. Select the Cancel My Account option: In the next step, on the Manage Subscription page, select the Cancel My Account option.
  6. A confirmation email will be sent to you: Finally, after the cancellation, a confirmation email or SMS will be sent to your registered email id or phone.

Please keep the confirmation email safe for future reference.

2. How do I cancel offline by phone using IdentityIQ cancellation number?

Some may find the online method a little problematic but don’t worry, you can use this method to cancel your subscription simply by contacting the IdentityIQ customer service number. It can be called a traditional method, but it is easy to perform and that is why it is chosen by many of its users.

Here are the points to cancel IdentityIQ membership over the phone by contacting the IdentityIQ Customer Service phone number:

1). To cancel your subscription, call the IdentityIQ phone number: First, call IdentityIQ Customer Service at 877-875-4347

2). Speak to Representative to Cancel Subscription Service: Then speak to the Customer Service Representative if you wish to cancel the IdentityIQ subscription.

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3). Provide the information requested by the agent to verify identity: Next, you need to provide the information and details required to verify identity, such as:

  • Member’s full name
  • Registered email address
  • Citizen service number (bsn)
  • Phone number
  • Date of birth etc.

4). Request a confirmation email: Finally, ask the representative to send you a confirmation email about the cancellation and also keep it carefully.

Conclusion – How To Cancel Identityiq Online

So, IdentityIQ subscription cancellation is not a difficult task, but it is true that you just need to follow the steps thoroughly. I hope this how to cancel identityiq online guide helps you to easily cancel your IdentityIQ subscription. For any issues or support, please contact the IdentityIQ customer service team to assist you.