Expedia Charge On Credit Card – Expedia Reward Card Review

Expedia Charge On Credit Card – Expedia Reward Card Review: Frequent travelers probably know that there is nothing better than a dream vacation: a dream vacation booked at a bargain price.

There are many ways to save money while traveling. You can redeem points with hotels and airlines, or take advantage of last-minute travel deals, to name a few. And booking through third-party travel search engines like Expedia can sometimes result in extra big savings.

Not only does Expedia have deals, but they also have robust search filters that make it easy to find your perfect vacation. It streamlines the purchase of travel insurance, which can be particularly important for travel these days. Plus, with the Expedia Rewards program, you’ll earn points toward future bookings.

But booking through online travel agencies like Expedia is not without its drawbacks. We’ll go through some of them to help you weigh the pros and cons of booking travel through Expedia and also talk about Expedia charge on credit card.

Expedia Charge On Credit Card

REGULAR APR (%)14.99% – 22.99% variable
REWARDS EARNING RATEEarn 3 Expedia Rewards bonus points per $1 spent on eligible Expedia purchases. Earn 1 Expedia Rewards point per $1 spent on other purchases.
BALANCE TRANSFER FEEEither $5 or 3% of the amount of each transfer, whichever is greater.

This Card Is Best For

The Expedia Rewards card is for people who travel a lot on Expedia. Because accelerated rewards can only be earned and points redeemed only on Expedia, this card is less suitable for consumers who use other booking options when planning their trip.

While it is possible to provide frequent flyer numbers and earn miles when booking through Expedia, many hotel chains, such as B. Hilton, accounts using third-party booking sites do not earn loyalty points. As such, travelers attempting to earn points at hotels may not benefit from using this card.

Expedia Rewards Card Benefits Explained

  • Extra Points With Expedia Purchases: Earning points can be easy for cardholders who use Expedia to book travel. Earn 3 points per dollar for every Expedia purchase, regardless of travel type. However, all other spending on the card only earn 1 point per dollar.
  • No Annual Fee: There are no annual fees for benefits such as awards and access to Citi Entertainment.
  • Automatic Expedia Silver Status: Typically, an awarded member must spend seven hotel nights or $5,000 per year with Expedia to achieve Silver status. However, with the Expedia Rewards card, the Silver status is automatic. Silver benefits include 10% more points when booking and spa credits at VIP Access hotels.
  • Access to Citi Entertainment: Because this card is issued by Citi, you gain access to Citi Entertainment, which offers access to presale tickets and exclusive experiences such as concerts and sporting events.

Expedia Rewards card Disadvantages explained

  • Expedia awards can only be redeemed on Expedia: You must redeem your awards on the Expedia website. Awards can be used to book travel but cannot be exchanged for cash or other items.
  • Mediocre Bonus: This card’s one-time offering is nothing special. After you make a $1,000 purchase in the first three months, you will receive 15,000 bonus points. These bonus points are worth up to $105 when redeemed for a VIP Access Hotel. Other cards have more generous bonuses.

Expedia Rewards credit card bonus

This card offers a bonus of 15,000 points after a cardholder spends $1,000 in the first three months. The value of these points depends on how they are redeemed. As mentioned above, they are worth up to $105 when redeemed for a VIP Access Hotel.

Rewards that deserve details

Earning rewards with the Expedia Rewards card is pretty easy. Cardholders earn 3 points per dollar on Expedia purchases. Other purchases in other locations earn 1 point per dollar.

The Expedia Silver status associated with this card may be added to your point total. With Silver status, cardholders earn 10% extra points on bookings. If you use the card to book on Expedia it is possible to stack the silver status with the 3 points.

This card also offers a faster path to Expedia Gold status. To achieve Gold status, a member must stay 15 nights or spend $10,000 per year on Expedia. Earn one qualifying night for every $2,500 you spend with the Expedia Rewards card. As a result, regular purchases outside of Expedia allow cardholders to reach Gold status faster, after which their bookings receive a 30% bonus.

Expedia Rewards card Reward Redemption Details

Points can only be redeemed on Expedia. An option to pay with points will appear on the checkout page if there are enough points in the account to use for the booking.

Rules for redeeming points vary by booking type. For example, you must have enough points to cover the full cost of a flight including taxes and fees. However, when booking hotels, it is possible to exchange points for the partial cost of an Expedia Rate Hotel.

How to Earn Expedia® Rewards Voyager Card Reward points?

The Expedia® Rewards Voyager Card also earns Expedia Rewards points on daily purchases. For example, cardholders earn 4x on eligible Expedia purchases. The 4X Expedia category is fairly broad and reflects the overall travel nature of the card. For example, cardholders earn 4x on the following travel token purchases:

  • Activities and Travel Packages
  • Hotels
  • Escape

However, keep in mind that not all Expedia purchases earn Quadruple. For example, car reservations that are not booked as part of a travel package are not eligible, nor are cruise bookings or bookings made through the Vacation Rentals tab on Expedia.com. So before you shop through Expedia, carefully review the card member agreement to ensure you’re getting 4X points – not a single point per dollar spent.

The Expedia® Rewards Voyager also earns double points for dining and entertainment, the latter being a broad category that offers significant savings. Plus, cardholders not only earn 2x on takeaway and delivery services but also concert tickets, movie tickets, and sporting events – making the card a great daily earner for anyone who likes to get off.

All other purchases made with the card earn one point per dollar spent, with no limit to the total number of points that can be earned. However, Expedia Rewards points will expire after 18 months if the account is inactive. Luckily, keeping the account active is as easy as making a purchase or redeeming points every 18 months, so you don’t have to worry.

How to Redeem Expedia Rewards points?

Redeeming Expedia Rewards points is easy. To do this, cardholders must log into their Expedia Rewards account and search for the reward of their choice. Rewards members can choose from hotels, rental cars, activities, packages, or flights.

Once the user has found their ideal travel route, they simply select “Redeem my points” at the checkout. However, there are a few things to keep in mind when redeeming points for flights through the Expedia portal. First, the company states that these points “must cover the full value of the flight, including taxes and fees.” In addition, bookings made with points cannot be changed or canceled.

Transfer Points

Expedia Rewards points are not transferred to other programs. However, you can use points from other partner programs to book travel on Expedia. For example, you can link American Express Membership Rewards and Citi ThankYou Rewards to Expedia and use those points to pay for bookings made with Expedia.

How to maximize your rewards

To maximize your rewards with this card, book most of your travel with Expedia and earn those 3 points per dollar. You can also use the card to make purchases outside of Expedia to earn Gold Qualifying Nights. Once you reach Gold status, your bonus points for bookings increase by up to 30%, as opposed to 10% for Silver status.

However, if you are loyal to a particular hotel chain, it is best to use the Expedia Rewards card in conjunction with a hotel rewards card. Since third-party bookings often don’t earn hotel rewards, you can use a co-branded hotel card for those bookings and make other bookings like flights and car rentals on Expedia with the Expedia Rewards card.

For example, the Hilton Honors card has no annual fees and earns you 7 points for every dollar you spend at Hilton hotels, plus 5 points at US restaurants, US supermarkets, and US gas stations. All other purchases are worth 3 points. For travelers who are loyal to Hilton but like booking flights through Expedia, the two cards could be a good combination.

Travel Benefits

Citi’s Voyager Card also offers cardholders several travel-centric benefits. The first of these benefits is the additional Expedia Gold membership. Gold Tier is the highest tier in the Expedia Rewards program and typically requires a minimum of 15 eligible hotel stays per year or $10,000 to spend during a calendar year.

The Gold tier offers holders the following benefits:

  • Complimentary room upgrades at VIP access hotels (where available)
  • 30% more Expedia Rewards points when booking
  • Complimentary breakfast and spa credit at VIP access hotels (where available)
  • Expedia’s hotel price guarantee

The card also offers a $100 credit towards air travel per year of membership. This $100 annual air travel credit can be used toward airfare incidentals on qualifying airlines, inflight Wi-Fi, or Global Entry or TSA Precheck® application fees.

Other travel benefits of the card are:

  • No foreign transaction costs
  • Access to Citi® Concierge and Citi Entertainment®

Competitive APR

Interest rates and fees with Citi’s Expedia® Rewards Voyager Card are competitive, but not exceptional. The APR with the card starts at about 14%, three percentage points lower than the national average for comparable credit cards. However, the card doesn’t offer introductory APR periods, and the more expensive APR is quite high, especially considering the card’s credit requirements (excellent credit is usually the minimum requirement).

The excellent features of the Expedia Rewards Card

Experience with cardholders

Expedia Rewards card issuer, Citi, ranked sixth out of 11 national card issuers in the J.D. Power 2020 USA Credit Card Satisfaction Study. Citi received a below-average score in the survey.

Security Features

The security features of this card correspond to those of other credit cards. Citi’s digital wallets and mobile app provide access to bank and credit card information without having to log in every time.

Another feature, Citi Quick Lock, makes it possible to block a lost or stolen credit card. If the card is found, the block can be removed.

As with many other cards, Citi has a $0 policy on fraudulent purchases.

How does Expedia appear on the credit card statement?

Your credit card statement, therefore, shows that Expedia has processed your hotel reservation. Likewise, the airline appears if you have bought a flight ticket.

“The majority of our commercial transactions related to hotel bookings. … This means that if you book a hotel stay through Expedia, Expedia will likely appear on your credit card statement as a registered merchant. On the other hand, if you buy a plane ticket, the airline will probably show up.

Does Expedia charge your card immediately?

The Book Now with Expedia, Pay Later program ensures your room arrives free of charge and the final step in paying for your stay is to check in at the hotel. When you book online, your stay is guaranteed, but you can’t withdraw money until after you’ve checked in. If for any reason you are unable to go on holiday, we will not charge you for the difference between the original reservation and the incorrect reservation.

Does Expedia charge you or the airline for fees?

This is about airline surcharges when booking on Expedia with a debit card. Expedia makes it clear that you will be charged a fee after you provide a payment method before paying.

Is your card charged when you book a hotel room?

A credit card number is required to process reservations. If you check into the hotel with a credit card, the hotel fee will only be charged after your stay has ended. Online travel portals, travel agencies, and travel agents, including third parties, cannot be charged when booking.

Can I dispute an Expedia fee?

It’s possible to dispute the charge and get a refund if you think your Expedia account was charged incorrectly. Cancellations at Expedia are not subject to payment. If you change your mind or cancel almost anything during your stay, you are not responsible for the payment cancellation fees.

How does Expedia Payments work?

Paying for your vacation in installments is now possible with online lender Affirm, a partnership with Expedia. To set up Affirm’s travel payment plans, you don’t need to be a member by registering once you’ve set up the plan in the checkout process.

Does Expedia charge a service fee?

Expedia has a standard fee of $5. However, they stated that “the fees we charge vary from time to time”. They didn’t go into detail for now. A domestic ticket costs US$6 and an international ticket costs US$10. The airlines don’t charge commission on tickets they sell at Great Lakes, Frontier and Alitalia, but they do charge $11 per trip on ATA, an official said.

Can I use a debit card on Expedia?

We received a Visa debit card using Expedia as a payment method. It was a smooth operation. Cards with a Visa logo must be purchased from an authorized retailer.

Will Booking Com charge your card immediately?

Pre-authorizations, on the other hand, are temporary deductions and your balance will be debited immediately. Credit cards usually have a retention period of a few days, so plan for a longer period.

Can I pay with a debit card on Expedia?

Expedia allows travelers to use a credit or debit card for payment on most bookings, or earn Expedia Rewards points with a major credit or debit card company.

Can you book a room with a debit card?

Most hotels don’t charge a credit card fee if you use a debit card instead of a credit card. In addition to accepting prepaid cards, many hotel chains usually do this after check-in and after check-out, rather than at the time of booking.

How does Expedia pay for hotels?

Expedia makes most of its money by booking accommodation in bulk for a cheap price and then selling it to its users for a small fee. Expedia benefits from the increased margin and also occasionally collects commissions from hotels that increase their exposure through Expedia’s website.

Why are Expedia packages so cheap?

Expedia buys hotel rooms in bulk from many chains and many individual hotels. You get a good price from the hotel — a really good price — because the hotel gets guaranteed income for that room — and they can pass all or part of that price difference on to you — but that means Expedia has the hook to sell it.

Do you pay for Expedia or the hotel?

For Hotel Collect bookings, the credit card details are included in the booking and you charge the customer directly. Expedia Collect bookings are paid for at the time of booking and you will be charged an Expedia Virtual Card (EVC).

What credit rating do you need for an Expedia credit card?

750+ Expedia’s credit score requirement is 750+. So you need impeccable credit, but I think it’s worth it. Receive hefty rewards in the form of Expedia+ points, upgrades, and amenities for all flights and hotels you book through Expedia.

Does Expedia charge at the time of booking?

Yes, Expedia charges your credit card in full at the time of booking. However, they do offer FREE cancellation of the booking within 15 days of the book’s release.

Do Expedia points expire?

Expedia Rewards points do not expire as long as there is eligible purchase or redemption activity on your account through Expedia.com at least once every eighteen (18) months. … Expired Expedia Rewards points will not be reinstated.

Does Expedia allow you to pay in advance?

Hotel Deals But you don’t have to worry about potential disruptions when you book your next hotel through Expedia. With Expedia’s Book Now, Pay Later, pay for your rooms when you arrive at the property. Pre-booked rooms are guaranteed for your stay but will not be paid for until check-in.

What credit card does Expedia use?

Expedia offers two credit cards: Citi’s Expedia® Rewards Voyager Card and Citi’s Expedia® Rewards Card. The main difference between the two is that one charges an annual fee and has slightly higher rewards while the other does not charge an annual fee and has slightly lower rewards.

Is the Expedia credit card worth it?

Yes, the Expedia credit card can be worthwhile for frequent travelers who often book their trips through Expedia. It comes with some great travel benefits and offers travel booking versatility. For those who don’t use Expedia often or rarely, this card probably isn’t worth it.

How do I get my Expedia credit card?

To get your Expedia credit card, you must first apply for it online on the Expedia website.

Can I use my Expedia credit card anywhere?

Yes, you can use your Expedia credit card anywhere for any type of purchase. One of the advantages of using an Expedia card is that there are no international transaction fees, meaning you can safely use it abroad without having to pay extra for your purchases.

Our verdict – Expedia Charge On Credit Card – Expedia Reward Card Review

For travelers who frequently book their trips with Expedia, this card can be a great way to earn points and redeem them for travel. It may also appeal to anyone who would like access to early ticket sales and exclusive experiences through Citi Entertainment.

However, the bonus is a bit bland and points can only be redeemed on Expedia. Those looking for more flexibility in redeeming their points should consider another travel card with no annual fee, such as the Bank of America Travel Rewards card or the Capital One VentureOne card.