How to get rid of your bad credit?

How to improve your CIBIL, options below…

India is moving fast towards digitally in terms of cashless economics however if we taking talking about the number, India has 810M Debit card & 33M Credit card users now.  Most of the Indian credit card customer has so many droughts and question that how they will get rid of their past credit cards dues and their CIBIL score. A customer who has already in financial crises, It’s very hard for him to pay their dues. Sometimes It’ll take time to pay off, however, their CIBIL  has already damaged due to late payment. Many credit cards customers have a perception that If they pay their monthly minimum amount with interest charges, their CIBIL Score will not be affected but the truth is if you paid your bill regularly basis and by mistaken if you late only one time your CIBIL score will fall.

 Are you ready to Pay your credit cards dues and get rid of your bad credit?

If you are in a position to pay your credit cards dues and get rid of your bad credit. So pay it now, for that you will just need to call your card issuer bank and ask them to get it done. There are lots of options for that.

1: Ask your Credit card issuer bank to make your dues into click to call Loan.

Click to call loan is a loan which can only be taken against your credit card limit on lower interest.

2: Maintaining your CIBIL score can make you alive in the banking sector that helps you in taking any kind of loan instantly as per your requirement.

What will you do If your CIBIL is very low to get a loan from the bank?

In that case, you can contact any funding company like Muthoot Finance wherein you can take a loan against Gold. If you really want to pay off your credit card dues.

If you don’t have any option and you are in big financial crisis then you can contact your bank and understand their interest rate calculation so that you can plan accordingly. or you may ask for interest waiver which doesn’t happen usually.