Credit cards bang home loan growth.


Credit cards beat home loan growth. A recent report According to TOI. In Financial Year 2014, Business and services bank loan shrink in first four months.

With the most incremental lending taking place by way of credit cards and personal loans.If we talking about overall bank credit growth of current Financial Year 2018 leading to low with banks loan book shrinking by 1.37 Lakh crore INR to 77.04 Lakh crore INR.

As per the RBI data released clearly shown that credit cards outstanding grew 4600 Crore INR (9%) to 56,800 crore INR. and auto loans increased Rs 2,000 crore (1.2%) to Rs 1,72,600 crore in the first four months of FY18 up to July.

While the same period, home loan growth slowed down to 0.4% with the housing portfolio of banks increased by a mere 3,600 crore INR to  8.64 lakh crore INR.