Now Paypal Introduced their cash back credit card


The company Paypal was started in 1998. Paypal allows a reliable payment solution to its customers, wherein users don’t have to reveal their bank account, credit or debit card info etc to the payment receiving party. One can fund his/her PayPal account using any of the available options and select Paypal as the payment option to make the payment.

Now, day by day payment solution companies giving more attention to their credit cards users, so that they can give their customers more facilities.
Paypal launched a new credit card. It’s called PayPal Cashback Master Card.

The main features of this credit card are that It provides their customer direct cash back on their purchases. Now credit cards only give reward point and that depends on the different category.

Paypal partnership with Synchrony Financial. They offered two percentage cash back on their customer purchases.
The Best part PayPal Cashback Master Card, It comes with no annual fee and no minimum recovery amount.
PayPal Cashback Master Card give facilities to their customer, they can spend cash rewards without any restrictions, and no expiration of that cash back.


PayPal Cashback Master Card comes with the latest security protections and all benefits of the master card, like purchase protection, extended warranty cover. PayPal Cashback Master Card have also come up with Identity theft resolution with no extra charges.

Once you’re approved for the Paypal Cashback Credit Card, the card is added to the Paypal Wallet. You can find the card numbers & other details virtually even before the actual card gets delivered. This facility is only available to the Paypal Customers.