Uber Merge with Barclays to start a new Credit Card

Check out the power of new Credit Card from Uber & Barclays

In the history of credit cards, Uber would be the first of the riding-sharing companies to have their co-branded credit card, which is a familiar way for companies to connect with customers loyalty. They typically give points or credits via grants, with the most popular cards offering airlines and hotels.


Cab company Uber plans to launch its own credit card, joining including the British bank Barclays. Credit card will be coming after this year, and British Bank Barclays said last week. Uber competitor Lyft has a partnership with Delta offers miles, though it’s not via a card.

No features about terms or prizes on the Uber cards were possible yet, though the rewards seem likely to go proceeding ride credit. Beginning this year, Uber partnered with American Express to give Platinum Card customers a USD 200-a-year credit toward free rides.