Easy ways to get a Credit Card.

Getting a Credit Card got easier than ever


Credit cards can be life-saving in tough economic situations

1: Apply directly from your email inbox

If you have noticed that Every day you getting a lot of emails from banks by their advertising agency regards to apply for Credit cards. you just need to open that email and click ‘apply’. After that, you will get a new page in your Internet browser. You will need to fill all your details over the page and submit. You will automatically get a call from Bank and you need to verify over the call. Bank will send bank representative to collect all the documents. Bank will verify all the details at their end and check your eligibility If you are found eligible for the applied credit card, they will process it further. Within next few days, you will get your credit card at your address.


2: Apply for Credit cards through your ATM Card

easiest credit card options

We’ve been using debit cards of multiple banks for several years now. But sometimes we keep encountering friends those are using credit cards of the same banks. Obtaining a credit card isn’t that tough if you already have a bank account in the same bank. It gets even easier if you already have a salary account in a bank. If not, you need to maintain a savings balance in your account, this contributes to better credit history. There is no other secret for why your friends already own a credit card in the same bank as yours.


We frequently visit ATMs these days. Most of us have never paid attention to all the options we get on the ATM screen. One such option you see there is ‘Apply for a credit card’. Next time once you visit an ATM, you must check that option & try putting a new credit card request. Rest would be taken care by the bank employees.


Also, you can apply for a credit card online using your net banking interface. Every bank has a ‘service request’ section. There you can make various requests with just click of a button. Not to ignore, you can make the same requests from your phone in the mobile banking application.


3: Call your bank customer care number and ask them to enroll you.


One of the simplest ways to get enrolled for the credit card is, contacting bank customer service directly. This option is very helpful if you find difficulty making requests online or using your ATM card.


You’d find customer service very helpful in processing your request. If you validate all the required criteria, it won’t be a surprise to hold a credit card within a week’s time.