How to verify if your Credit Card is hacked?


Precautionary measures to keep your credit card safe & secure

Nowadays, credit card frauds are most frequent amongst all fraud types.  Careful & consistent monitoring can easily reveal if your card details are stolen or are being misused.

Always remember that Bank never approaches its customers to know or verify credit card details or other sensitive information. In any such attempt of possible fraud, one should contact the bank directly. Unfortunately, if you’ve been tricked into revealing the personal information, without delay you should contact bank and request for a fresh card.

Keep  Monitoring your Account

For better security, the best way to secure your account is to keep checking your account related alerts. You can also download the app, through which you can keep the track of your account activities. Nowadays, all bank branches provide net banking facilities & mobile applications which are very convenient, secure & user-friendly. You must contact your bank for activating mobile alert services so that you’re updated with account activities. In case of any unauthorized activities happening with the account, you may take appropriate action at the right time.

To keep it even secure & safe you should ask the bank to link your aadhar number with the bank account. Which can also be done online using the online banking portal.


Using card as payment option on unsecured websites

In the current world, we’re slowly growing towards online payments. People often prefer ordering goods and services online rather than visiting local stores. In such cases, online payment is the main method of payment. We come across plenty of sites on daily basis, out of which a few if you look at closely, are potentially unsafe or haven’t taken all necessary steps to protect their or customers credit card information.  While making any such payment, if you suspect upon the authenticity of the website or the owner, you must not use your credit card. Instead, you can order stuff selecting ‘cash on delivery’, would be a great alternative.

Upgrade your Credit Card to the latest chip for better security.

Banking sector has been making continuous efforts in improving safely & security of credit cards & related date. Major card manufacturing companies have now integrated a security chip in the front of the card. In the advanced card swipe machines, you’d find the option to scan your chip instead of the magnetic stripe to process the payment. Compared to the black magnetic stripe, chip based transactions are much secure. So, you must upgrade your credit or debit cards wherever it’s possible.

Keep your PIN & other personal details private

You must keep all your pin, net banking login id & other personal information secret. Someone, who’s the access of such information, may attempt a theft from your card even though the credit card is physically not present. Make sure in ATMs or such places, there isn’t someone around sneaking your card details. In any such case of doubt, feel free to immediately contact the bank to get the card replaced or just simply change your PIN. Never hand over the card to someone you don’t trust enough. Numbers printed on the card are almost everything needed to make an online payment. Make sure you receive an OTP before processing a payment. Accounts with OTP facility enabled, are very less prone to be a fraud victim.